Online Pilates Class

Matwork Pilates: 

I’ve been teaching movement of many kinds for over 15 years and, like many, only discovered the vast potential of teaching online last year and my students really have been the silver lining of 2020. It has allowed me to connect with all sorts of wonderful people near and far, strengthening community and providing, in some cases calming consistency, and in some cases playful diversion, in an otherwise tumultuous year.
There is a Feldenkrais® saying that goes “Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of movement and you improve the quality of life itself.” I love teaching movement because it makes people feel good, but over the last year, moving together online, staving off anxiety and injury, soothing pain and worry and even reminding people of the pleasure and possibility of the body, has felt more essential than ever. It is a privilege to students through a process which so evidently improves the quality of their life!
Looking after the body is looking after the mind and it has been enormously rewarding for me to see the clear benefit to people’s psychophysical health that my work can have. This is what has motivated me throughout the year, ultimately with equal benefit to my own wellbeing.
If you’re working toward a training goal, injured, anxious, lacking motivation, desperate or just curious… get in touch!
Rosamond continues to teach online in 2021 and offers private and public group classes, one-to-ones, movement therapies and consultations. Pre-paid Pilates courses run on Mondays at 7.30pm and on Saturdays at 9.30am and Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® drop-in lessons are on Mondays at 6.15pm. Follow Rosamond on Instagram @RosamondMartinMovingBodies for free movement and wellness practices, or see her website for more information about classes and to contact her directly.
Student feedback:
“I can sense the alignment and it’s super useful.  Thanks.  Thanks so much.”
“Let’s stay sane… and thanks for your contribution to that!”
“It’s such a tricky time and it’s so exhausting worrying about what might happen, being able to still have this time each week with you to switch my brain off and concentrate on something else will be so valuable.”
“You are single-handedly keeping innumerable people’s chins (and legs!) up..”

"Transformational. Thank you so much.”
“You’ve been a rock to us all in 2020”