Osteopathy during and after Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is such a time of change and challenge for a woman's body.  Having osteopathic treatment during pregnancy can help with the common complaints such as lower back pain, pelvic girdle pain, pubic symphysis disorder and sciatica that can result from demands of the relatively fast change in weight and postural adaptations.

Treatment can help improve the pelvic mechanics which can be part of your preparation for labour and birth.  A pelvis that is functioning optimally will be one that is optimally comfortable for your baby to rest on and pass through.  In our experience, old injuries can surface during pregnancy and the fact that the body is changing so quickly makes it more accessible to treatment.

Come for a one-off check up or else touch in at intervals throughout to be supported at the different stages.  We also offer help with recovering from the labour and pregnancy, with the strain associated with feeding and lifting/carrying your baby.

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