During the Covid-19 Lockdown Period
Distance Healing

Never before has Distance Healing been such a good way to connect with each other. I will be offering Distance Reiki Healing as a way to support you in this time of upheaval and isolation. Currently it can feel a bit like our journey has suddenly been interrupted and our lives have become over challenging and confusing. We need to draw on techniques to help ground, stabilize and bring a sense of autonomy back into our lives and Reiki helps us with this. I have always practised Distance Healing and it is a lovely way to connect with people and situations when you can’t be in the same place as them.  

The way the session/s work is that I call you up at an agreed time. We start with a chat about what has been going on and what you would like support with, physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.  Then I talk you through some breathing and relaxation practices, firstly to help get you into the right space for the session itself and secondly to offer you some techniques to connect with your inner calm, strength and balance for the future.  We stop the phone call, while I send you Distance Healing for 25 minutes. After that I give you another call so we can discuss both of our experiences. The only thing I would recommend you need to do before hand is to find a quiet place. You might also find it easier to relax with gentle music playing, or with an aromatherapy burner. A lite candle is a lovely way to connect with me and the universe.  If you can put aside an hour that would be perfect.

The charge is £25.00.  

I look forward to hearing and supporting you during this challenging time and after.


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