Sarah Hanks


Sarah is a senior yoga teacher, a mum to two young sons and a born and bred South East Londoner.  Her approach to yoga is thoughtful; informed by the latest thinking in movement science and grounded in a traditional practice.  She has well over a decade of full-time teaching experience and a loyal following of students. 

British Wheel of Yoga trained with specialist training in pregnancy, post-natal family yoga, pelvic floor recovery and yoga nidra (a practice of deep relaxation and ultimately meditation).  Sarah teaches hatha yoga with an emphasis on flexibility and strength in asana (postures). Asana is deconstructed and taught progressively, so there is a stage in the work for everyone (even those who think they are too stiff to do yoga!).  Classes always include pranayama (breath awareness) and a period of deep rest.

In a class with Sarah you can expect to build strength and stamina, as well as lengthening and releasing the body; Increase your understanding and confidence in working with the breath to encourage a relaxation response and enhance life-force (prana); Learn and practice techniques of mindfulness and meditation to benefit your overall well being.  Ultimately, you will learn how to practice the ancient art of yoga for your own needs in a safe and sustainable way. This all sounds quite serious!  We do have a laugh too ;-)

Please get in touch on or 07717 358866 for a chat and more info.

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