Sarah Thompson

I am the ‘Well Being Coordinator’ at Harris Girls Academy in East Dulwich. I’ve worked with some of the most disaffected students for nearly 25 years. This has been interrupted twice, however, by my having to go on long term sick leave; both times with Leukaemia. This culminated in a bone marrow transplant 11 years ago and I’ve been healthy and well ever since.

Rather than dwell on the negative, I’ve chosen to use this as a wakeup call. I decided to get my ‘work life balance’ in order. When I was diagnosed with Cancer, I used Meditation and Mindfulness strategies to help me get through that challenging time. I trained as a Life Coach, I completed my Reiki Master training and a Mindfulness based Cognitive therapy course, and I attended several retreats and practiced daily.

I first started to use the techniques as part of my Life Coaching sessions with the adults and young women I saw privately. I then started to incorporate them into my lessons at the Secondary school I work in and most recently with Primary aged students, following the successful sessions I had with my niece and nephew when they were only 2 and 5. My youngest 'clients' are the babies who have completed my sister's Baby Massage Course (Jelly Babies Baby Massage). My sister sometimes invites me in for the last session of the course as a treat for the parents but I believe the babies respond positively too! They often fall silent and a sense of calm fills the space. So you're never too young to start meditating!

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