- as of 22nd December 2021 -

Most therapists and staff who work at the Sunflower Centre will continue to work face-to-face, following the Covid-Secure measures that have been established for some time.

Each therapist is following the centre's guidelines, as well as the stringent requirements of their own governing bodies and insurers.

In the following, you will find:

  • which therapies are currently available at the Centre
  • how to book an appointment
  • what to expect from a visit to the Sunflower Centre
  • an overview of our Infection control measures



continues to be available as face-to-face therapy:

Joanna Mitchell                   
Soran David                               
Aidan Spencer               
James Britton                   
Colette Tirimo           


Most therapists continue to work face-to-face:

Jo Lane                           
Chris Jude                                        
Jo Law                    (online only)                
Natalie Hylton           
Oliver O'Donohoe    
Debbie Gard         

Western Herbal Medicine:

is available as face-to-face therapy:


Homeopathy & Breast-Feeding Consultancy:

is available as face-to-face therapy as well as online:



is available as face-to-face therapy:

Larissa Hees



is available as face-to-face therapy:

Larissa Hees


How to book an appointment:

While reception remains closed and while an individual pre-screening of each client is in place, you need to contact your therapist directly on the emails provided above


Pilates Equipment Studio

While social distancing restrictions remain in place, the Pilates Studio is permitted to re-open only for 1:2:1 sessions or classes of 2 people maximum from the same household.

Ann Ballard  or on 07515 740 107

Christine Rutter or on 07957 628 724.

Lucy Swann 


Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong and Tai Chi Classes

Many Classes will continue to run online and some face to face classes will return from the 2nd August 2021

Price List


What to Expect when visiting the Sunflower Centre

Once you have arranged an appointment we ask that you:

  • arrive on time for your appointment, as reception is closed and the practitioner will meet you in person at the door
  • wear a face mask in the communal areas of the Centre and practise social distancing. We have staggered appointment times where possible to make this easy.
  • make use of the hand gel in reception when entering the building as well as hand gel outside the toilets prior to using them. Thorough handwashing remains the most effective way to reduce infection.
  • arrive ready for the therapy, i.e. avoid the need to get changed in the Centre
  • arrive alone where possible, i.e. reduce the number of people in the Centre
  • regarding babies/children:
  • you may wish to bring your own toys/books along. 
  • Only one parent to attend, where possible
  • please avoid changing nappies on-site if possible

When not to attend

If you develop a fever, a new cough, shortness of breath or loss/change to taste or smell prior to your appointment, you must not attend. You must also not attend if you have been advised to quarantine for any other reason. If you already have an appointment, please contacts your therapist as soon as possible if you need to cancel it.

Current advice is to stay at home for 10 days if you have a high fever, a new continuous cough, shortness of breath or loss/change to taste or smell.  Equally, if someone you live with has symptoms you need to stay at home for 10 days from the day the first person in the home started showing symptoms. If you develop symptoms, please don’t go to your GP, pharmacy or hospital. A useful link for deciding what to do or if you are worried is:  Only call 111 if you cannot get help online.

There will be no late cancellation fee for anyone not attending for COVID-19 related reasons, but we ask that you let us know and are grateful for as much notice as possible. If you do not attend an appointment without giving notice, we reserve the right to charge the full fee.


The Sunflower Centre Covid-19 Risk Assessment - key points (more details available on request)

A comprehensive Covid-19 infection prevention and control Risk Assessment was undertaken on 20th May 2020 and is continuously being updated on the basis of the most recent advice as well as advice from the relevant governing body of each therapist:

  • a partial one-way system is in place in that one door is for entering, another door is assigned for exiting the building
  • hand sanitiser is available both on entry to the building and outside both washrooms
  • we have eliminated fabric and replaced with vinyl/plastic where necessary for ease of cleaning
  • disinfection of work surfaces, treatment beds, chairs etc in between treatments
  • appropriate ventilation and time buffers between client sessions 
  • handwashing before and after each client
  • disposable aprons or changing of clothes in between clients
  • the wearing of face masks where social distancing guidelines not possible
  • heightened cleaning procedures are in place
  • relevant PPE is in use
  • room size has been taken into consideration and larger rooms are being used where necessary
  • payments by bank transfer only
  • practitioners who feel unwell will not be working at the Centre
  • we have plans in place for if anyone using the building - practitioner or patient - is contacted by the Track & Trace app