Trauma Release

Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) are a new way to help us let go of trauma, stress and deeply held, negative patterns.

A great way to sum up TRE is ‘mindfulness for the body’. We do not need to remember the story of trauma to feel better, we let the body do the talking. This can be a great relief. No explanations or analysis, just slow, simple, body release.

The exercises are not strenuous. TRE is not a competitive gym workout, and does not stress the body. Neither do they exclude any body size or age. They are slow and simple movement designed to slow us down and invite quiet listening to the inner signals from the body.

The goal of the exercises is to start a gentle tremoring, vibrating or shaking process. This generally starts in the legs and pelvis. The tremors are natural and profound in nature and feel very instinctive. They help us release old, stored stress patterns from the cells and opens up the nervous system in order to discharge tension held in the body.

Think of your dog coming to sit next to you to shake off fear when the fireworks are going off. We have this natural mechanism too – TRE invites us to use it to release our nervous system.

Trauma can be anything that overwhelms us.  This could be cumulative daily stress (small ‘t’ trauma) or stressful single events such as a car accident or sudden bereavement.

TRE can help us process and digest life. It helps us increase our window of tolerance on the world so that when stressful events occur, we have reduced our ‘triggers’ which are often stuck in patterns of fight, flight and freeze.  These triggers can frequently show up as anger, insomnia, feeling on ‘red alert’, recurring anxiety and physical complaints such as IBS and migraine.

I offer individual TRE consultations and regular workshops to help clients understand trauma reactions and how to use TRE. I also teach embodiment skills and grounding. Learning these skills can often assist recovery from overwhelming experiences such as – shock, overwork, PTSD, accidents, domestic abuse, depression etc. Our bodies can guide and assist us on our journey.

The transformation found by many is often life changing.  Clients report less daily stress overall, deeper longer sleep, loss of chronic pain and tension, feelings of sustained peace and even better sex lives as their bodies let go of decades of tightly held tension.

TRE is a simple, natural, conversation without words and open to everyone.

A Course in TRE - Your Body has the Answers

Fridays once a month 7.30 - 9pm

£20 for a drop in session

Course of any 4 workshops £70

A course of 6 workshops £100


27th March 2020

To book your place please email Kate at or call on 07710 261 921

24th April



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